Azadirachtin Formulations

Using internationally approved solvents and emulsifiers, we manufacture, export and supply Azadirachtin Formulations. Azadirachtin Formulations are widely used as effective natural pesticides in organic farming replacing the chemical fertilizers. Azadirachtin Formulations are capable of eliminating pests from the agricultural fields. Azadirachtin Formulations can be sprayed in combination with order organic or various chemical fertilizers. We supply Azadirachtin Formulations in bulk to many of agrochemical formulators who sell it under their brand name.

  • Widely used in organic farming
  • Used in combination with order organic and chemical fertilizers
  • Available in different concentrations
    • 300 PPM
    • 1500 PPM
    • 10000 PPM
    • 50000 PPM